Del Duca Announces 100 Day Action Plan

Nov 28, 19

TORONTO, ON – Steven Del Duca announced today what he would do in his first 100 days if he is elected as Leader by Ontario Liberal Party members at the convention in March.

“From the moment we gather together to choose our new leader, we will only have 25 months until the next provincial election begins,” said Del Duca. “The next Liberal leader will need to get straight to work and hit the ground running in order to successfully rebuild the infrastructure and finances of the party. We are in the fight of our lives – failure is not an option.”

Del Duca’s 100 day action plan calls for:

  • The appointment of Election Campaign Co-Chairs, Election Platform Co-Chairs, the Candidate Search Committee, the Nominations Commissioner and Campaign Fundraising Chair.
  • Nominations to start no later than July 1st, 2020 so that Liberal candidates have adequate time to introduce themselves to voters.
  • Platform consultation to begin as soon as possible to integrate the voices of the membership as we present a compelling set of ideas that will once again convince voters they can trust us to govern.
  • Raising enough money to start an ad campaign to introduce the new leader to voters before Ford and Ontario Proud launch their attacks.
  • New technology, such as the Victory Tap app, to modernize local and central fundraising.
  • The hiring of a Director of Training and Mentorship to support provincial Liberal associations and local candidates and campaign teams.
  • The appointment of a taskforce to review the leadership selection format.

Del Duca also announced new endorsements today from Jess Spindler, former Liberal candidate for Toronto-St.Paul’s and Jonathan Tsao, former Toronto City Councillor.

“There are no shortcuts to success. I'm focused exclusively on continuing to work as hard as I possibly can to earn the trust of Liberals. If I am successful in March, I believe that my 100-day action plan will put the party on solid footing so that we can turn Doug Ford into a one-term Premier," finished Del Duca.

The Ontario Liberal Party will choose its next leader on March 7th, 2020. Del Duca was the first candidate to register, has released 200 endorsements and has so far toured to 130 communities across the province.