Del Duca Welcomes 14,173 Liberals to Ontario Liberal Party

Dec 02, 19

TORONTO, ON – Steven Del Duca announced today that his leadership campaign has recruited 14,173 Liberals to the party.

The Ontario Liberal party provided leadership campaigns with a membership list of 8,897 that was current as of August 26, 2019.

 “I began working in January to renew and rebuild our party by attracting new members, new ideas and new thinking because for Ontario Liberals the fight to defeat Doug Ford is the fight of our lives,” said Del Duca. “My campaign team and I have worked very hard to grow our party by reaching out both to entirely new people and to Liberals who had stepped back from the party.”

“Our membership sign-ups really started on October 30th when we submitted a batch of 291 membership forms and it ended today at 5:50 pm when we submitted our final batch of memberships.  I am particularly proud to say that we signed up new members in every constituency in our province and on every campus with a student club.”

“I want to congratulate all leadership campaigns for their work bringing new members to our party.  I am confident the Ontario Liberal Party will emerge from this contest stronger than it has been in years.”

“I'm focused exclusively on continuing to work as hard as I possibly can to earn the confidence of Liberals. It’s time now to welcome the thousands of Ontarians who have chosen to join the Ontario Liberal Party and show we are serious about taking on Doug Ford in 2022."

“To all those who joined or renewed to support my effort: thank you, I won’t let you down.”

“Our kids’ education is on the line. Healthcare is on the line. Climate change is on the line. We cannot afford to fail – this truly is the fight of our lives. I look forward to working alongside the thousands of Ontarians who have joined my campaign to fight that fight,” finished Del Duca.

The Ontario Liberal Party will choose its next leader on March 7th, 2020. Steven Del Duca was the first candidate to register, has released 200 endorsements, is leading in fundraising and has so far toured to 130 communities across the province.