Del Duca Recruits 2,441 Delegate Candidates

Jan 17, 20

TORONTO, ON – Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Steven Del Duca has filed 2,441 delegate intention forms in the Ontario Liberal Leadership Race. The deadline to file delegate intention forms was at 5 PM today, January 17th.

2,092 delegates will be elected in the leadership race. 1,984 from riding associations, 96 from student clubs and 12 from women's clubs.

The delegates will be elected at Leadership Election Meetings (LEMs) held on February 8th and 9th.

Why it matters: Delegate candidates must declare which leadership candidate they are supporting. If elected, they are then obligated to vote for that candidate on the first ballot. 

February 8th and 9th, Leadership Election Meetings (LEMs) will take place across the province. At the conclusion of the weekend it will be known how many delegates each campaign has elected.

"With 2,441 delegates running for 2,092 delegate spots, our campaign is ready and well positioned for Leadership Election Meetings," said Tom Allison, Co-Campaign Manager of the Steven Del Duca Campaign. "We are taking nothing for granted, our campaign reached out to thousands of Liberals in the past few weeks."

"I want to thank every individual that has chosen to stand with my campaign," said Steven Del Duca. "I'm incredibly proud that our team has recruited delegate candidates in every corner of the province. We are running men, women, youth and seniors who come from every background imaginable. Our delegate slate truly reflects our party and Ontario."

Delegate candidates are required to declare their support for a leadership candidate.