Statement on Today's Autism Demonstrations

Feb 18, 20

TORONTO, ON – Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Steven Del Duca released the following statement:

Today, children with autism, and their families, have travelled from all over Ontario to protest on the lawn of Queen’s Park.

They, like so many Ontarians, have been betrayed by Doug Ford and his PC MPPs.

Ford’s reckless handling of the autism file will be felt for generations. With every passing day kids who should be receiving care continue being denied. ABA therapy, among other interventions, is most effective in young children. For many children the harm from the Ford cuts is irreversible, they will wear the cuts for life.

Over the weekend I read an open letter to the premier from a mother in Newcastle. She described how her son was being doubly affected not just by autism cuts but by the ongoing labour strife. Her son, who depends on his routine, was seeing his school week upended by strikes days – strike days that are only taking place because the Minister of Education refuses to negotiate.

The government attacks on children need to end.

It’s time for Doug Ford and the PC government to reverse course. They need to implement needs-based funding, immediately.