A Better Education

Dec 09, 19

Ontario is a service-dominated export-oriented economy which will succeed against fierce global competition only if our people continue to be the best-educated in the world. 

Premier Ford’s cuts to education directly jeopardize the economic well-being of Ontarians, and the ability for Ontarians to secure good jobs. 

Ontario needs to be a world leader in education. We need to focus on and accelerate student achievement. I believe every student in this province should be able to go as far as talent and effort take them. The fight for world class education is a fight for fairness and a fight for opportunity – every student in this province deserves a chance.

First, we will reinvest in educators and facilities, and fully reverse the Ford government’s cuts. We will return class sizes to what they were prior to the Ford government, and we will restore all of the K-12 programs that have been cut.

Then we will work with all stakeholders to ensure that K-12 curricula are aligned so that students graduating from high school are prepared for the workforce, university, college, or an apprenticeship. This includes creating a long-term STEM education strategy including technology skills that are necessary for success in today’s economy.   

We will:

  1. Through reinvestments in educators and facilities, restore class sizes to what they were before the Ford government took power, and restore all K-12 programs that have been cancelled by the Ford government.
  2. Work with educators, academics, and business leaders to develop a long term Ontario STEM education strategy focused on math and skills such as coding that will be relevant to future employment and economic success.
  3. Repeal the Ford’s anti-bargaining legislation, and pass legislation to prohibit future governments from imposing arbitrary wage freezes and caps in advance of collective bargaining. 
  4. Conduct a full review of the EQAO mandate and independence, for the purposes of reversing the adverse effects to student assessment policies made during the Ford government, and ensuring that the EQAO is non-partisan.
  5. Commit to maintaining the current Public/Catholic; English/French school board structure and partner with School Boards to identify alignments in procurement and corporate services that could achieve reasonable efficiencies going forward.