Brampton Deserves Better Healthcare

Jan 28, 20

BRAMPTON, ON – Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Steven Del Duca released a plan today to combat hallway medicine.

“There are steps the government can take today that will have an immediate impact,” said Del Duca. “And there is additional action that can be taken today to improve hospital care in the short to medium term.”

“Doug Ford promised to fix hallway medicine within a year – he hasn’t. Not only that, he’s been taking Ontario in the wrong direction by defunding homecare and other programs that would relieve stress on our hospitals.”

Del Duca and Dr. Bob Bell met with Mayor Patrick Brown at City Hall to discuss the healthcare crisis.

Following the meeting, Del Duca is calling on the government to do the following:

Immediately provide funding for surge beds - 40 beds could be opened between Brampton Civic and Etobicoke to deal with this crisis right away

Immediately move forward with phase 2 planning approval for Peel Memorial and get shovels in the ground for new beds – this would create approximately 257 beds

Begin Building Long Term Care – the government hasn't moved forward with new bed construction despite multiple announcements -- the Liberal government before the last election allocated more than 5,000 beds, including in Brampton -- where are they?

Provide adequate funding for hospitals in communities like Brampton to open every bed possible -- rather than running deficits because they're overwhelmed by patient demand

Find spaces for transitional beds -- work with retirement homes to bring in this capacity to get people out of hospital

Significantly invest in primary care, home and community care to keep people out of hospital in the first place

Begin planning for increased hospital capacity over the long term, including planning for a new hospital in northwest Brampton

“This is a well thought out plan that would have a real impact on patients,” said Dr. Bob Bell, former Deputy Minister of Health for Ontario. “I am genuinely perplexed why the Ford administration has not undertaken at least some of the initiatives Steven is proposing today since they campaigned on ending hallway medicine.”

“Brampton’s healthcare professionals are working hard to treat as many patients as possible. Care in Brampton’s hospitals is at the highest provincial level and patients are safe because of the excellent health professionals. However, resources need to be expanded. There is no doubt they are doing the best they can with the resources they’ve been given – the problem is the province’s underfunding” concluded Bell.

“Bramptonians deserve great healthcare and they deserve a provincial government that cares about them. Instead, what they have seen over the past two years is a government that has ignored them, deprived them of funding, and turned their back on them – all because of petty political grudges” said Del Duca.

“I hope the provincial government will implement my suggestions immediately. If they don’t, I am prepared to form a government in 2022 that will. Doug Ford needs to do better for Brampton – and he needs to do better right now” concluded Del Duca.