New Supporters for Steven This Week

Dec 15, 19

New Endorsements from December 9th to December 15th

This was an exciting week for the campaign.

On Monday, Steven released his Better Education platform. Steven wants to put students first. That means no mandatory online courses, going back to effective class sizes and keeping teachers in full day kindergarten.

Also on Monday, TVO released 'The Big Endorsement': 

"When deputy ministers are on the job, offering advice to their ministers without fear or favour, they’re notoriously tight-lipped with the media. Even after they retire from the public service, it’s extremely rare for them to go public with their political preferences. These men and women work in the shadows for a reason. Almost all of them avoid the spotlight. So it’s rather extraordinary that a former deputy minister of health, Bob Bell, has chosen to go public with an official endorsement of Steven Del Duca.." Read on here.

On Tuesday, we announced the campaign has now raised $310,452.99! Wow! Thank-you.

On Thursday, Steven launched phase one of his Urban Renewal Platform. You can read media coverage here or here.

At night, we had the second all candidates debate. If you weren't there click here to watch Steven's opening statement and click here to watch the whole thing.

And now, what you've been waiting for...! Here's who joined our team this week: (Endorsements are listed in order released).

"I know that Steven will work relentlessly to make sure that the Ontario Liberal Party is positioned for success in 2022. I'm delighted to be supporting him and I hope you will too!"

- Maninder Sidhu, MP, Brampton East

"As a party president, I know all about the incredible amount of work it takes to get an organization election-ready and I believe that Steven is the leader that can get it done. He knows how to fundraise, he listens to the grassroots and he has proven he can bring new members into the Ontario Liberal Party. I am proud to join his team.”

- Geoff Carpenter, President, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

"I've had the chance to work with many leaders, at all levels of government, throughout my career. And I can tell you that Steven Del Duca has the drive and determination needed to get the job done. He is exactly the person we need to lead the Ontario Liberal Party at this moment because he will hit the ground running on day one. Most importantly, he is focused on one goal: defeating Doug Ford and getting our province back on track. I'm with Steven and I hope you will join us too!"

- Hon. Judy Sgro, MP, Humber River Black Creek

"In order for our Ontario Liberal Party to be competitive in every riding across the province, we will need a leader who will listen to local issues and who gets the different realities that we live across Ontario. Steven is exactly that leader and I'm proud to stand with him."

- Darcie Renaud, President, Essex Provincial Liberal Association

"I am very pleased to be able to endorse Steven as leader of our Party. It is a challenge to keep the issues of all Ontarians front and centre when the GTA is so large and complex. In his time as Transportation Minister, Steven did just that. He assisted in ensuring that the funds to support the third crossing in Kingston would flow and when we needed his support he worked alongside Sophie Kiwala and our municipal partners to get the work done. Steven is no stranger to eastern Ontario. He understands our issues and his support has been invaluable. I look forward to working with him again as our new leader!"

- Wayne Hill, Councillor, City of Kingston

"The Ontario Liberal Party needs a leader like Steven Del Duca. He has put forward a plan for all Ontarians; a plan that will invest in communities and the future of our province. His proven leadership during his time in government resulted in the completion of infrastructure projects like the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway, one that especially significant to my family and the Windsor community. I am happy to support Steven and can't wait to see how else his positive impact on our province will be felt in the years to come."

- Sharon Sholzberg-Gray, Active Liberal, Ottawa and Windsor

"I have known Steven since before Dalton became our leader. I met him while riding president in a party which had not known power in a generation. Where Mike Harris had destroyed us. These were hard times for Liberals but we worked hard. Steven's commitment to this party as an activist and later as an MPP and a Minister are emblematic of the best the Ontario Liberal Party has to offer. Experience counts. The commitment Steven has made to our party and to the importance of its members is reflective of his understanding of the importance that each member and each riding association brings to the success of our joint endeavour as Liberals. Today, we must begin to rebuild. We must start with humility. Steven has a clear plan to motivate Liberals, engage citizens and rebuild our coffers. Steven has a plan, a lifetime of experience and the drive and dedication to gain the trust of all Ontarians. Join me in supporting him."

- Christopher Cassidy, Past President, London North Centre

- Dennis Doyle, Mayor of Frontenac Islands

"Ontario Liberals believe in moving our province forward, ensuring that everyone has access to opportunity, and honestly and effectively confronting the big issues of our time. Steven is the smart, principled and determined leader that Ontario needs. He believes in tackling big challenges - in our climate, in our schools, in our economy - practically, thoughtfully and fairly."

- Lloyd Rang, Active Liberal, Durham

"Steven is the candidate we need to support rural Ontarians and farmers as he will invest in healthcare for rural and smaller Ontario communities. This is the leadership Ontario needs and I am happy to support him."

- Alexander Fazzari, President, Federal Brock Young Liberals

Until next week!

Team Del Duca