New Supporters for Steven This Week

Dec 08, 19

New Endorsements from December 1st to December 8th

Today Steven was in Guelph for the first debate of the leadership race!

If you didn't make it to Guelph you can watch it here.

Afterwards we headed to the Albion Hotel where we held a social with local Liberals. Thanks to all who attended.

And now, what you've been waiting for... Here's who joined our team this week: (Endorsements are listed in order released).

“Steven’s work ethic and dedication to hearing from Liberals everywhere as he travels across the province make him ideally suited to be the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. He understands that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to rebuilding and that the unique perspectives of First Nation and northern communities in Ontario are an important part of the conversation. I am proud to stand with Steven and work with him to defeat Doug Ford and his friends in 2022.”

- Gaetan Baillargeon, Past Candidate, Mushkegowuk - James Bay

“I support Steven Del Duca because he is committed to making Ontario a better place to live and reverting the damaging policies made by the Ford government. I believe he will make the cost of being a student more affordable and ensure a more efficient education system in Ontario. He empowers young people by promising to have more candidates under the age of 30. Steven advocates for a better future for the youth of Ontario and this is why I support him.”

- Zainub Usman, University of Toronto (Mississauga) Young Liberals

“I am supporting Steven because of how effectively he understood the needs of our ridings across the province. I believe his Economic Dignity Charter is exactly what our province needs to support workers by keeping them healthy, well trained, and by doing so making sure that Ontario maintains its competitive edge.”

- Brian Evoy, Past President, Kingston and the Islands PLA and FLA

“I have known Steven for many years and witnessed his tireless advocacy for our party first-hand. His commitment to the Liberal cause over many years should be commended. As a former party president, I know the challenging job our next leader faces. Steven is the only one that has a proven ability to rebuild the party machine, increase our fundraising efforts, and get us election-ready in time to present a strong and favourable alternative to Ontarians. I am a proud supporter of Steven Del Duca as our next party leader.”

- Gord Phaneuf, Past President, Ontario Liberal Party

"I am happy to support Steven Del Duca as the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. I believe he will be the voice Ontarians need to hear against Doug Ford, he is the candidate who will reverse the damage Ford is doing to our province. I am impressed with Steven’s commitment to working alongside young people and putting forward policies that are in the best interest of young Ontarians. I have no doubt that Steven is the best choice for becoming the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party."

- Huzaif Qaisar, Active Young Liberal, Carleton University

“Steven is the best person to lead the Ontario Liberal Party as we rebuild the party infrastructure into one that is ready to put up a fight against Doug Ford and his friends in 2022. His combination of pragmatic policies that are proving to resonate with people in all parts of the province, be they from small towns, remote communities or urban centres, and his experience as a grassroots organizer is exactly what we need right now. I am proud to stand with Steven.”

- Ross Lamont, Past President, Ontario Liberal Party

"I am so impressed by Steven's commitment to rebuilding the Ontario Liberal Party one conversation at a time. He has shown that he's willing to listen to the grassroots and has incorporated their ideas into his proposed policies. As a past candidate federally, I appreciate his commitment to nominating candidates early so that local teams have as much time as possible to plan for success against Doug Ford in 2022."

- Lisa-Marie Wilson, Past Federal Candidate, Barrie-Innisfil

“I have known Steven for years, in many roles, and am happy to call him a friend. I have seen him in Caucus and at the Cabinet table and I am absolutely confident that he is a leader and will be a very good Premier. His commitment to listening to and respecting the perspectives of others is the mark of a true leader and I am excited to support him.”

- Liz Sandals, Past MPP, Guelph

“As a representative of a unique riding made up of both rural and urban communities, I am pleased to see that Steven Del Duca has a plan for all of Ontario. He has proposals for job creation, infrastructure improvements and supporting the most vulnerable among us to ensure everyone in the province has the best chance to succeed. I believe that Steven is the best person to lead the Ontario Liberal Party and I am proud to stand with him.”

- Tim Louis, MP, Kitchener-Conestoga

"Steven's work ethic and dedication to rebuilding the Ontario Liberal Party in time for 2022 is admirable. His repeated visits to Cambridge, Waterloo Region and all of Southwestern Ontario show me that will be a strong leader for the entire province. I am very proud to support him and I urge you to do the same!"

- Bryan May, MP, Cambridge

"I have known Steven for many years and I am happy to support Steven for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. He is the best candidate to rebuild the party and will make sure we have the money, the volunteers, the plan and the good will of Ontarians needed to beat Doug Ford in 2022."

- Pankaj Sandhu, Peel Regional Chair, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

Until next week!

Team Del Duca