Latest Statement on Education

Jan 15, 20

TORONTO, ON – Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Steven Del Duca released the following statement:
The Conservative government is scrambling desperately to try and fix a mess of their own making. By refusing to negotiate in good faith from day one, they are putting students' school year at risk, and causing undue anxiety for parents.

Today's announcement is an empty gesture that many parents won't be able to take advantage of. Everyone knows that the availability of childcare in Ontario is a huge problem. There aren't enough spots for the children who need them.

This is an incompetent attempt by the government to distract from the real issue: Doug Ford and his friends don't believe in proper funding for public education. And they don't believe in smaller class sizes and rising graduation rates. 

Parents want their kids in school.

Doug Ford needs to stop with PR stunts and get back to the bargaining table. Ontario's students and their families deserve far better than what we are seeing today.