FAO exposes Ford’s lies on hallway healthcare

Oct 30, 19

New FAO report exposes Ford's lies

TORONTO, ON – Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office (FAO) says Hallway Healthcare will get worse within the next two years despite Doug Ford's promise to end the practice within a year.

“Doug Ford lied to the people of Ontario, again” said Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate.

“Last July, the Premier told Ontarians hallway healthcare would be eliminated within a year. Since then, we’ve already learned that hospital overcrowding under his watch is the worst it’s ever been. Now the independent experts are telling us things will continue to get even worse.”

“Patients deserve to be treated with respect and ending hallway healthcare should be a priority. Despite taking 5 months off, the Premier has not moved us closer to a solution. All his incompetent government has to offer is tired sloganeering and lies.”

The FAO examined Ontario's long-term care strategy. Their report shows that hallway healthcare will get worse over the next two years in the absence of other innovation. The FAO also found waitlists for long-term care will continue to increase over the next two years.

“The government says it's adding 15,000 new long-term care beds to the system, but they aren't increasing funding to hire people to care for residents in those beds. The government has no credible plan to tackle hallway healthcare without putting vulnerable seniors at risk."

“The Premier has broken every major promise he made to the people of Ontario during the last election campaign. His promise that no teacher would lose their job - broken. His promise to lead a corruption-free government - broken. His promise to end hallway healthcare within a year - also broken.”

“Time and time again Doug Ford shows that Ontarians just can't trust anything he says.”