Ford’s Mini-Budget Fails Ontario

Nov 06, 19

Ford' Fall Economic Statement Fails on Healthcare & Education

SUDBURY, ON – The Ford government’s fall economic statement does nothing to reassure Ontarians Doug Ford will protect Healthcare and Education charged Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate.

Del Duca delivered his response to the Fall Economic Statement from Sudbury where he met with local Liberals and supporters.

“Ford is a bull in a china shop, his ministers are so distracted by his tweets, his outbursts and scattershot policy that they aren’t focused on the things that matter – and that’s meant Ontario families have been ignored,” said Del Duca.

“Ford took a chainsaw to Healthcare and Education and there is nothing in the Fall Economic Statement that shows he is serious about restoring funding to the services Ontarians depend on the most.”

“University and college students across Ontario are now facing thousands of dollars of new debt, meaning many will have to drop out or shoulder an unfair burden.”

“In high schools course selection has been cut – including math and science courses. Students are facing the prospect of not being able to graduate on time and not being able to obtain the required prerequisite courses to apply to the programs of their choice.”

“Families are staring at labour unrest and daycare costs many won’t be able to afford. Parents will have to stay home from work to look after their children which will cost them – and the Ontario economy.”

“The government has put a band-aid of funding on the hallway healthcare problem thinking a band-aid and a kiss would make it better – it won’t. Under Ford, hallway healthcare is getting worse than ever before.”

 “The Fall Economic Statement mentioned “beer”, “wine” and “alcohol” more than “long-term care”, “home care” and “community care”. This tells you everything you need to know about Ford’s priorities.”