Scheer Candidates to Campaign in Ontario with Canada’s Most Anti-LGBTQ Premier

Oct 04, 19

Conservative Candidates to Campaign with the most anti-LGBTQ Premier

TORONTO, ON – Andrew Scheer's candidates will be campaigning in Ontario this weekend with Canada’s most anti-LGBTQ Premier, charged Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Steven Del Duca.

“This weekend Andrew Scheer's team will be campaigning with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Jason Kenney has been gutting LGBTQ rights and protections in Alberta which begs the question: why is Scheer's team campaigning with an Alberta Premier in Ontario?”

In May 2019, Alberta’s United Conservative Party government cancelled a gay conversion therapy ban working group charged with emulating Ontario’s existing legislation.

In 2015 Ontario became the first jurisdiction in Canada to ban conversion therapy.

“Alberta was on the path to banning conversion therapy before Jason Kenney killed the project. We know that LGBTQ youth are at greater risk of suicide and depression. In Ontario, we came together to pass the gay conversion therapy ban working across party lines to pass the legislation unanimously.”

“The Liberal and NDP platforms call for a nationwide ban on gay conversion therapy but Andrew Scheer has been silent. It’s outrageous that he is bringing Jason Kenney to Ontario given that Kenney has taken the most anti-LGBTQ actions of any provincial government in Canada.”

In March, Kenney passed ‘The Education Act’ in Alberta which weakened Gay Straight Alliances and removed privacy protections from students. The move was roundly criticized by parents, students, teachers and LGBTQ advocates.

Kenney himself bragged about his role in repealing a law that allowed gay men to visit their dying partners during the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco.

“Andrew Scheer has refused to apologize for his hateful statements against the LGBTQ community. He’s made clear he won’t march in gay pride parades; he refuses to say what he will do to make Canada a more welcoming and inclusive society.”

“He won’t campaign in Ontario with Doug Ford – but he will campaign with a Premier that has targeted LGBTQ children, some of the most vulnerable people in society. That tells you everything you need to know.”

Kenney begins his tour of Ontario in Ottawa where he is scheduled to campaign with conservative party candidate Brian St. Louis.

The Ontario Liberal Party will choose its next leader on March 7th, 2020. Del Duca was the first candidate to register and pay the full $100,000 party registration fee. He has received over 150 endorsements and has visited over 100 communities across the province.

About Steven Del Duca

Steven Del Duca is the former MPP for Vaughan and served as Ontario’s Minister of Transportation and Minister of Economic Development and Growth. He is running to replace Doug Ford as Ontario’s Premier – the first step is winning the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Vaughan.