New Supporters for Steven This Week

Nov 17, 19

New Endorsements from November 10th to 17th

Steven started the week by observing remembrance day activities in Vaughan. He attended a ceremony organized by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 414 in Woodbridge.

He then travelled to Hamilton, Scarborough, Mississauga, Napanee, Manotick, Cornwall, Ottawa and Perth.

On Friday he released a new op-ed in The Toronto Sun about housing affordability, read that here.

Everyday more Ontario Liberals are joining the team. Here's who endorsed Steven this week and what they have to say:

"Steven is the best person to lead the Ontario Liberal Party into the next election. I worked closely with him when we served together, both in caucus and cabinet, and I was always impressed that he took the time to fully understand the challenges facing Northern Ontario. He will make an excellent Leader and I'm proud to support him."

- David Orazietti, Former MPP, Sault Ste. Marie

"Steven is the best person to lead the Ontario Liberal Party to ensure we beat Doug Ford in 2022. He has travelled the province and truly understands the perspectives of Liberals in all regions. I appreciate the time Steven has taken in his visits to London to learn about the unique challenges we face in southwestern Ontario and I am happy to support him."

- Khalil Ramal, Former MPP, London Fanshawe

“Ontario Liberals are focused on beating Doug Ford in 2022. A victory in 2022 needs a strong, experienced leader who enjoys the confidence of Liberals in every region. Steven Del Duca is our best choice.”

- Sabi Ahsan, Past Candidate for Thornhill

"Steven cares to listen to the needs of Liberals, young and old alike from all corners of Ontario, and there is no doubt that he’s shown that in this short span of his campaign. He sees a bright future for this party and is up for the fight against Doug Ford and his cuts. It’s my pleasure to stand by him in the same manner that he’s stood by youth, seniors, businesses, commuters and the rest of Ontario."

- Fatema Abdalla, Ottawa Regional Coordinator, Ontario Young Liberals

"From meeting and talking to Steven on various occasions, I can tell that he is genuinely concerned about the state of our province under Doug Ford and how families are going to cope with the massive cuts to health and education. I can also tell he has a firm understanding of how our party functions and what we need to do to get organized and back on track. I am a big proponent of his "30 Candidates under 30" strategy as well because it is evident that everyone's voice needs to be heard in our party during this rebuilding process. I am supporting Steven Del Duca because I know he can provide the leadership we need to not only get our party back on track, but to get the province back on track by beating Doug Ford in 2022!"

- Josh Loeffler, VP English, Young Liberals of Canada (Ontario)

“I have known Steven for many years, and he has what it takes to be a fantastic leader. His determination to succeed, his unfaltering work ethic and his commitment to doing what is right will serve the Ontario Liberal Party and the people of Ontario well. I am thrilled to stand with Steven and help him defeat Doug Ford in 2022.”

- Stephen Heckbert, Riding President, Orléans Provincial Liberal Association

“Steven is the leader we need to help us rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party. He has the vision and the commitment to do the hard work that needs to be done to strengthen our local associations and raise the funds we need to wage a successful election campaign in 2022. I am proud to stand with Steven as we work together to elect Liberals in Hamilton once again!”

- Ivan Luksic, Riding President, Hamilton East-Stoney Creek Provincial Liberal Association

"It is my pleasure to endorse Steven Del Duca for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. As the National Vice-Chair of National Women’s Liberal Commission and former OYL Policy Director, I’m thrilled to see progressive and innovative policies from Steven’s campaign on women and youth issues. Steven is a tireless advocate for our party. We need his passion, hard work and experience to lead Ontario and the Ontario Liberal Party."

- Kaniz Mouli, Vice-Chair, National Women's Liberal Commission

“Steven is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. His substantive policies from the economic dignity charter to strengthening healthcare, make him the the champion Ontario needs.”

- Daniel Pollak, Carleton Young Liberal

Until next week!

Team Del Duca