New Supporters for Steven This Week

Nov 24, 19

New Endorsements from November 18th to 24th

This week started with a candidate forum held by the Ontario Real Estate Association. You can watch the forum here.

Steven made it clear that this cannot be a 10 year project. We need to defeat Doug Ford in the next election. Watch his remarks here.

Steven travelled across the province visiting Scarborough, Ajax, Markham, London and Welland. On Friday he attended a candidate meet and greet organized by University-Rosedale Liberals. 

Tonight he'll be in Oakville for an all candidates forum. If you're in the area you can attend the event.

Our team is constantly growing and we are proud to show off the latest Ontario Liberals supporting Steven: (Endorsements are listed in order released).

“Steven is one of the hardest working Liberals I know. During the recent federal election, instead of focusing on his own campaign, he travelled the province knocking on doors for his federal friends. I so appreciated his help in Brampton North and I’m excited to join his team. Steven’s work ethic and devotion to Liberal values will make him a fantastic leader!”

- Ruby Sahota, MP, Brampton North

"Steven is the best person to lead the Ontario Liberal Party. Ontario is a better place when we have Liberals representing us and only Steven Del Duca can beat Doug Ford."

- Atta Ur-Rehman Syed, Active Liberal, Kingston and the Islands

"I'm delighted to support Steven Del Duca for Ontario Liberal Party Leader. He has a strong grasp of the issues, particularly relating to the economy and critical infrastructure, and I know that's what's needed for Niagara Region and all of Ontario."

- Vance Badawey, MP, Niagara Centre

“I am an Ontario Liberal because the party has implemented and prioritized many policies that first-hand address problems that affect me as a student. Just like myself, I know that there are many others who have been negatively affected by the recent cuts by the Doug Ford administration, and this is exactly why I am a proud supporter of the Ontario Liberal Party. I am supporting Steven Del Duca as the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, because he has worked tirelessly to address the concerns of Young Liberals across the province.”

- Parth Panwala, Vice-President, Queen's University Liberal Association

“I am happy to endorse Steven Del Duca for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. We need a leader who is committed to representing all Ontarians and Steven has proven that he will be that leader. His relentless touring across the province to meet with party members, including his many visits to Kitchener and Cambridge and across the southwest, demonstrate his commitment and I’m thrilled to offer him my support.”

- Marwan Tabbara, MP, Kitchener South-Hespeler

“Steven understands how important it is for a party to reflect the perspectives of the people it represents. His travels across the province and conversations with grassroots Liberals have clearly informed his ideas. I’m happy to see that he is advocating for a small town debate to ensure that voices like the ones in northern communities are heard. I am thrilled to support Steven for leader.”

- Tim Vine, President, Algoma-Manitoulin Provincial Liberal Association

“It is my pleasure to endorse Steven for leader. In his time as a representative at Queen’s Park, Steven showed his commitment to Peel region on countless occasions and he is always willing to lend a helping hand. I was happy to have him canvass with me during the federal election and I look forward to returning the favour in 2022 as we work together to defeat Doug Ford.”

- Ramesh Sangha, MP, Brampton Centre

“I support Steven Del Duca because he is committed to making Ontario a better place to live and reversing the damaging policies made by the Ford government. I believe he will make the cost of being a student more affordable and ensure a more efficient education system in Ontario. He empowers young people by promising to have more candidates under the age of 30. Steven advocates for a better future for the youth of Ontario and this is why I support him.”

- Yasmin Sondhi, President, University of Toronto (Mississauga) Young Liberals

"I want to see an Ontario Liberal Party that is rebuilt from the ground up. One that creates the largest and most inclusive coalition of support imaginable, so that we can be ready to take on and defeat the Conservatives in 2022. I have decided to support Steven Del Duca because I know he has the skills, experience and energy needed for this task. And I have seen first hand that he will never stop working hard to deliver for our Party and our province. I'm honoured to be part of his team."

- Granville Anderson, Former MPP, Durham

“As an active Young Liberal at the federal and provincial level, both at home and on campus, I’m proud to be supporting Steven for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. I’ve been impressed by his tireless efforts on the campaign trail, consistent support for youth and his pragmatic approach to rebuilding our party, and I believe his leadership is needed now more than ever to get our party on track to win in 2022.”

- Henry Mann, Finance Chair, Young Liberals of Canada (Ontario)

“Steven is the leader the Ontario Liberal Party needs. His inclusive politics will bring all Ontarians together. He has proven his commitment by listening to Liberals across the province and has put forward a bold vision that truly reflects an exciting future. I am proud to stand with him.”

- Raj Saini, MP, Kitchener Centre

Until next week!

Team Del Duca