Pledge for Progress

Mar 31, 19

Steven's thoughts on where the party can go together. Version française ici.

1. Diverse voices that reflect Ontario need representation:

  • We will create OLP’s “30 under 30” with at least 30 of our 2022 candidates being under the age of 30
  • A minimum of 50% of OLP candidates running in 2022 will be women
  • The OLP slate of candidates running in 2022 must reflect Ontario’s diverse communities
  • We should amend our party constitution to add a VP of Francophone Affairs, a VP for Indigenous Affairs, and a VP for Rural Affairs to our Executive Council

2. Our local champions need time to win:

  • Our next candidate nomination period should start no later than October 1, 2020
  • A minimum of 100 OLP candidates should be nominated by December 31, 2021

3. Money matters:

  • Our next Leader should work with the Party to build and launch The Victory Tap—a decentralized App-based fundraising platform that enables every member to raise an unlimited number of smaller donations ($100 or less, at a time) for their PLA or OLP by tapping a donor’s credit card on their smartphone

4. A big tent party can’t include barriers that hinder growth:

  • OLP membership should be free once the Party is debt-free but before the candidate nomination process begins
  • Our total province-wide membership should exceed 100,000 before the 2022 election
  • OLP should provide both the OYL and the OWLC with $30,000 annually so that each can intensify their online and in-person outreach on an urgent basis

5. Listening only works when it’s genuine:

  • We should amend the OLP Constitution to create an Accountability Assembly that would consist of 124 PLA Presidents, 124 candidates (either immediate past or newly-nominated, whichever is most current) and all of Executive Council— 70% of this group would be empowered to trigger a review of the OLP Leader at any time (but this power could only be used once in a period between general elections)
  • Our next Leader should work with the Party to create and launch the Accountability App that will use technology to ensure that our Leader, Executive Council and Caucus are consistently aligned with our members on ideas, policies, platform development and election readiness
  • We should recreate a decentralized, resolution-based policy-development process and the first OLP AGM following the leadership convention should be dedicated to this undertaking
  • We should also conduct quarterly province-wide grassroots accountability calls with local riding presidents, Executive Council, Caucus and our next Leader

6. Authentic transparency builds trust both within our Party and across the province:

  • The next OLP Leader should identify the five ridings in which the power to appoint a candidate may be used before the province-wide nomination process begins (so, for example, before October 1, 2020 according to this proposed pledge)

7. Ontario is bigger than the neighbourhoods around Queen’s Park:

  • All Provincial Councils should be in-person (with simultaneous on-line participation also provided for those who need it)
  • Every second OLP AGM should be in a community outside the GTA and Ottawa
  • Ongoing regional meetings should take place in smaller communities

8. Volunteers are the heart and soul of every winning political party:

  • Our President should attend at least 4 caucus meetings per year and also every caucus retreat
  • Our constitution should be amended so that no current MPP can serve as Party President, and we should ensure that elections for every role on Executive Council are transparent and driven by our grassroots members

9. Healthy PLAs are the foundation for our sustained success:

  • Local associations should receive an Annual Riding Support Package with digital, print and product support (both inside and outside of campaign periods)
  • The Annual Riding Support Package should include manuals that describe the roles and responsibilities of Riding Presidents and other members of a PLA executive
  • OLP should invest in a robust field program and sufficient regional support staff at Party HQ who can focus on building support by recruiting, retaining and training volunteers and candidates

10. Preparation equals progress, and measuring leads to success:

  • Campaign colleges, including robust candidate training, should be launched no later than January 2021 with sessions taking place at any OLP AGMs, Provincial Councils or regional meetings that occur between this time and the election (some of this content can also be reinforced by webinar)
  • The next OLP Leader should work closely with Caucus, Executive Council and all PLAs to consistently benchmark activity and share progress updates broadly via the Accountability App