Del Duca Calls for Small Town Debate

Nov 08, 19

TORONTO, ON – Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate, is calling publicly for the Ontario Liberal Party to hold an additional leadership debate in a community with a population of 25,000 or less.

"The Ontario Liberal Party has a tremendous amount of work to do in order to successfully rebuild in every corner of the province," said Del Duca.

"But we have to make sure that every type of community, including those that are small, rural and remote, are truly included in the process. The challenges faced by these communities are unique and their residents deserve an Ontario Liberal Party that won't leave them behind."

On October 15, the Ontario Liberal Party released the schedule of leadership debates, which includes stops in Toronto, Guelph, Windsor, Sudbury, Ottawa and Markham. Del Duca will attend all official debates.

"Earlier this year, I released a preliminary set of ideas relating to rural and small-town renewal. Among those ideas, I called on Queen's Park to change its attitude towards rural and remote communities and provide them with a meaningful seat at the table. Ontario Liberals have a chance to lead by example and we cannot afford to miss this opportunity."

Del Duca’s Real Plan for Rural Progress includes:

1) Support for Ontario’s Agri-Food Sector

2) Reliable, Affordable High-Speed Internet for the Entire Province

3) Genuine transportation options for rural and remote communities

4) Decentralization of Government

Del Duca’s Real Plan for Rural Progress can be found here.


"The provincial government has an extraordinary ability at its disposal to consider decentralizing the operations of various agencies, boards, commissions and departments and to potentially relocate a portion of them to communities in which the quality of life is high and the cost of housing is low," said Del Duca. "I once again call on Queen's Park to consider building the proposed French language university in a community like Penetanguishene or Cornwall."

The Ontario Liberal Party will choose its next leader on March 7, 2020