Steven's response to the provincial budget

Apr 12, 19

Doug Ford's government is making life harder for Ontarians.

Yesterday’s provincial Budget included a suite of policies aimed at making life harder for Ontarians, including longer wait times at hospitals, cuts to transit operating funding and fewer opportunities for workers.

“No one has ever spent so much to deliver so little,” said Steven Del Duca, who will be a candidate for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party. “Doug Ford says he cares about the people, but what he doesn’t understand is that the people need to see real results – they need progress and relief from the affordability challenges they are facing every single day in Ontario, not gimmicks.”

As part of Budget 2019, the Doug Ford government committed to:

  • Fewer opportunities for Ontario’s talented workforce: Cuts to elementary and secondary education will result in larger class sizes and less adult supervision of schoolchildren. The government will also cut $440m from university and college operating budgets. Without our talented workforce, Ontario’s economy will suffer, meaning fewer businesses, fewer jobs, and a lower standard of living for us all.
  • Less spending for health care and longer wait times at hospitals: Instead of working to lower wait times, this government will take decision-making out of communities and create a massive new centralized health bureaucracy out of Queen’s Park. Spending will grow by just 1.6% a year until 2020-21 which will not address cost pressures associated with an ageing population and increasing drug costs.
  • No plan for the new economy. Succeeding in the fiercely competitive global economy means making smart investments. Instead of investing in new technologies that will drive our economy, the government is choosing to cut the Ontario Investment Office and limit foreign direct investment in Ontario.
  • Less operating funding for transit services across Ontario: By not growing revenue from the Gas Tax, all 109 communities across Ontario will be impacted including those in Peel and York Region.
  • No support for those affected by opioid addiction: According to Health Canada in 2018, 1,804 Ontarians were suspected to have died as a result of an opioid overdose. This budget does nothing to save lives. Instead, the government recently announced that they are shutting down several overdose prevention sites. 


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