Del Duca Releases Phase One of Urban Renewal Plan

Dec 12, 19

WINDSOR, ON – Steven Del Duca announced his Urban Renewal Plan alongside Windsor Councillor Rino Bortolin today.

“Ontario deserves and needs a government that will invest in all its cities,” said Del Duca. “My Urban Renewal Plan sets out my vision for strengthening cities. We need to empower municipalities to tackle economic and social issues facing their communities.”

The majority of Ontarians live in municipalities outside of the provinces five most populous cities.

Del Duca’s Urban Renewal Plan is targeted to all cities, not just the large ones. It will work in collaboration with all municipalities to grow their economies and address their unique social challenges by:

  • Providing funding for all cities to be able to hire specifically trained first responders to address and support mental health and addiction issues, which will free up local police forces from social work.
  • Funding the establishment of multi-tier 911 services to more efficiently deploy mental health and addiction services to citizens in need, while enabling police to focus on law enforcement and crime prevention.
  • Amending the Municipal Act to give Ontario’s cities more power over their own affairs, to respect local democracy and local preferences.
  • Developing and implementing tax provisions that motivate commercial property owners to not leave their properties vacant.
  • Establishing a $30m fund to support business retention and expansion on the main streets of our cities and towns
  • Working in close collaboration with municipalities, we will support economic development incentive programs that are developed by smaller cities as part of their Community Improvement Planning process.

“It's been clear to me as well as the local agencies working on the front lines on a daily basis that we need help from the provincial government,” said Councillor Rino Bartolin.

“We're facing a crisis and without the help of senior levels of government the problems will only get worse. It’s been great to work with Steven and his policy team as they listened to our concerns and helped devise policy to meet our needs.  It's clear that Steven understands the importance of becoming a strong partner with municipalities in dealing with the challenges we face daily,” concluded Rino.

“Cities need a strong partner to bring about real urban renewal. It begins with freeing up city resources, giving municipalities the tools to address their challenges and addressing mental health challenges on a local basis,” concluded Del Duca.

Del Duca was also endorsed today by Sharon Sholzberg-Gray, a prominent Liberal and widow of Herb Gray.

"The Ontario Liberal Party needs a leader like Steven Del Duca. He has put forward a plan for all Ontarians; a plan that will invest in communities and the future of our province His proven leadership during his time in government resulted in the completion of infrastructure projects like the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway, one that especially significant to my family and the Windsor community. I am happy to support Steven and can't wait to see how else his positive impact on our province will be felt in the years to come,” said Sholzberg-Gray.

The Ontario Liberal Party will choose its next leader on March 7th, 2020. Steven Del Duca was the first candidate to register, has released over 200 endorsements, has raised over $300,000,  and has toured 130 communities across the province, and counting.